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Oemie is a electronic components independent distributor . We understand value of your excess inventory and value of your time, our goal is to create a secure and convenient platform for OEM, EMS, and CEMs, as both sellers and buyers in many cases, to sell and buy excess inventory at the price they desire through our professional assistance. OEMIE works as an agent for buyers by fulfilling their various purchasing needs, and for sellers by promoting their excess inventory through our aggressive marketing programs , we take communication between manufacturers to the next level. A reputation for reliability and real value keep us in the lead . Since its founding in 2008 , Oemie has been committed to providing customers with the most abundant types of electronic components stock and best service . Our web site was designed to make finding obsolete electronic components easy, and submitting a quote even easier. Just fill out our form once and the next time you need pricing all you have to do is provide a part number, a quantity, your target and how soon you need it.

We became the fastest growing component independent distributor in the industry by utilizing our in-stock inventory and global network of suppliers to reduce procurement cycles, lower transaction costs and provide quality electronics. Also contributing to our growth is our tireless dedication to making our web site the most convenient and easy to use of all the electronic component independent distributors . Our core competencies: We have a long-term cooperation with hundreds of local and asia-pacific agents ; Cooperate with global thousands of OEM factory have inventory plan, comprehensive supply of goods ; With a lot of high quality suppliers in Europe and America have a long-term and stable cooperation.

We solemnly declare : We always customer satisfaction is our biggest pursuit for service every customer service concept, won the general customers the high praise . In addition, we are here to provide you with you should get your special personalized service design concept from the ground . Quality and customer satisfaction are our primary goals, by developing an effective counterfeit prevention program, placing stringent vendor selection policy, and implementing rigid quality control procedures, Oemie is able to deliver the highest quality products to our customers, for every order.

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OEMIE offers comprehensive Excess Inventory Solutions. Whether it is a list of obsolete parts or regular components that you no longer need, we have the solution for you to sell excess inventory... info@oemie.com
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