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Infineon offers two power supply board iMOTIONTM module application design suite is more complete

Infineon Technologies has introduced two new power strips for the iMOTION Module Application Design Suite (MADK) series, which feature a compact and flexible evaluation system for 20W to 300W triple Phase motor drives provide a scalable design platform. MADK is designed for applications in the in...

Macom will acquire Applied Micro Circuits for $ 770 million

Communications chip maker MACOM announced a $ 7.7 billion acquisition of cloud infrastructure firm Applied Micro Circuits (Applied Micro), to enhance the competitiveness of the data center market.

The deal was completed at $ 3.25 per share and 0.1089 to 1 convertible,...

STMicroelectronics and WiTricity Partner to Develop Resonant Wireless Power Transceiver

STMicroelectronics  and ultra-long-range wireless power transmission technology pioneer WiTricity, announced the development of electromagnetic resonant wireless power transmission semiconductor solutions. The goal of the collaboration is to make power connections and battery charging easier...

How to identify low-quality refrigerant with high and low temperature heat Chamber?
Refrigerant is high and low temperature and humidity test chamber compressor blood, the purity of the high and low temperature for the high and low temperature and humidity test chamber compressor is particularly important, the most obvious phenomena are: filled with high purity refrigerant equ...

China acquires chip maker Aixtron resisted again

After two weeks before the German media disclosed the German Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs by modifying the legal restrictions on Chinese capital acquisition of German companies, the Chinese-funded enterprises in Germany once again suffered resistance. Local time on October 24, the German ...

25 years ADXL50 monolithic acceleration sensors from Analog Devices

25 years ago, 1991, Analog Devices (ADI) introduced its first MEMS product, the world's first monolithic sensor, to detect a car accident using the ADXL50 acceleration sensor.

Originally intended for an active chassis in off-road vehicles, it quickly became clear that...

Keysight wafer-level solutions platform seamlessly integrates the low-frequency noise measurement

Keysight announced the launch of the latest advanced high-performance low-frequency noise analyzer (A-LFNA), seeks to implement fast, accurate and repeatable measurements of low-frequency noise. This version features a new user interface and tight integration with Keysight of WaferPro Express sof...

Samsung Releases the Game-Changing 256GB Embedded Memory
Behold, the latest 256GB UFS memory from one of the biggest names in the electronic industry itself, Samsung.
Samsung says it is mass creating today a 256GB UFS implanted memory fit for putting away 47 full HD films in a module littler than a small scale SD card.&...

C&K Components Develops New Switching Technology

 A unique and edgy gateway to power is C&K Components' latest premium advancement.

C&K Components HDP arrangement is another arrangement of microminiature, side-impelled distinguishes switches with a ultra low board-mounted profile. The HDP Series switche...

Robot Threatens to Destroy Humans


Sophia is bound to eradicate the human race...soon.
Hanson Robotics recently brought to life a humanoid robot which actually concurred with its creator as he humorously urged her to wipe out all the people in the world.

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